Welcome to The Hungry Waffler!

Good morning, good afternoon or good evening!

One of the above will apply to you depending on where you find yourself at the moment!

So, what on earth is The Hungry Waffler?  Well, where do I start?  For anyone who knows me personally, I LOVE FOOD!  Simples.  I love talking about it, reading about it, cooking it, EATING IT, photographing it and the list goes on.

Over the past number of years I have plagued all you lovely people on my personal Facebook with endless posts about food.  By the way, this isn’t going to stop! 🙂  So, I thought its about time (after some encouragement from friends and family) I started to gather my thoughts into something a little bit more ‘formal’ and start a blog.  “Not another ‘food blog’ I hear you scream?”.  Hopefully not.  I want The Hungry Waffler to be interactive as I share with you my thoughts on all things food related.

Here’s some of what you can expect on an ongoing basis:

  • General food chat
  • Recipe of the week, where I will take a random recipe from my growing array of cookbooks and then cook it, style it and photograph it so I can share with you all. You will hopefully be inspired to cook it yourself.
  • Chef Focus – I will choose a professional chef and give you an insight into how they inspire me.
  • Much more

Where did the name come from!  Well, when I first came up with the idea of starting a food blog I created a spreadsheet for all possible name combinations that came into my head.  After a list of about 40ish I knew I didn’t have the one I wanted.  I then went through a busy stage with work etc and the blog idea was parked for about 6 months.  Sitting watching TV (more than likely a food program) one evening I mentioned to Caroline that I was definitely going to start this blog but I couldn’t think of a suitable name.  Literally within 5 minutes she said “I’ve got it”!  “The Hungry Waffler” she said!!!  BOOM!!  That was it!  I’m not quite sure what she was insinuating, but I loved it.  The rest is history!

So, here we are!  Stay tuned and hopefully we can learn lots together from the land of food!

  • Joy Hewitt-Beeching

    Brilliant idea Geoff, happy waffling about food, glorious food!

    • hungrywaffler

      Thanks Joy!!

  • Day Dreaming Foodie

    Love it Geoff – cant wait to catch up on the lovely looking archive of posts you already have 🙂 Your beautiful photography is going to be a treat to view xx

    • hungrywaffler

      Thanks a million Laura!! Really appreciate that!

  • Caroline Telford

    Brilliant!! Look forward to all your wafflings!! xx

  • Mark Dickson

    if anyone is going to be good at waffling about food……… 😉

    • hungrywaffler

      You looking at me?! 😛