My favourite kitchen gadgets!

Anyone that knows me is well aware that I’m a bit of a gadget freak!  Gadgets in general, but I am particularly partial to kitchen ‘gadgets’!  The array is vast (and expanding) and we are rapidly running out of storage space. So, what kitchen gadget(s) can you not do without? Here’s just some of mine (with Amazon links to purchase should you so desire):

This is so handy for finely chopping onions for a curry or making breadcrumbs.  Its small and very versatile.
Th ultimate in one cup filter coffee.  The Aeropress is the next big thing for coffee geeks, of which I am one.
Not something I use every day, but when I do use it its amazing.  Very handy for spatchcocking a chicken or chopping a rack of ribs
Another coffee geek gadget.  I have had a number of multi-cup filter coffee machines, but this is by far the best.  The main reason being that the coffee is brewed via a full coverage drip system into a thermos style flask, which maintains the heat of the coffee as opposed to stewing it on a hot plate.
This is the perfect companion for preventing oxidation of wine once it has been opened and unfinished.  The pump system coupled with the rubber ‘stopper’ allows you to extract all the oxygen from the bottle, therefore preserving the life of the wine.  I love it.
Perfectly round pancakes and mess free Yorkshire puddings eat your heart out.
Ideal for finely slicing onions, potatoes (for crisps) and fennel (for salads)!  Beware, if used incorrectly its also great at removing layers of skin from an unsuspecting hand.
No more over done steaks or roasts with this kitchen essential!

Some other bits and bobs and odds and sods!