Masterchef – love it or hate it?

For some it can be compared to Marmite.  You either love it or hate it.  I actually love both.  Marmite, in small doses is a pleasant addition to warm toast dripping with real butter.  Similarly, but different, I could watch shows like Masterchef all day long.  Fair enough, some of the initial stages have you screaming at the TV in awe and wonder of their apparent stupidity.  “Nooooooo, you must always remove the cling film when you are serving that perfectly formed poached egg, you muppet!”. Pffff!

On a slightly more serious note though, I think there is great potential for amateur cooks like me to learn a lot from shows like this.  I mean, its not every day you hear critique from such a vast array of top chefs.  Some of the dishes that the contestants create look fantastic as we watch them being cooked and presented, but its the finer detail that the judges are after.  Image isn’t everything you know 🙂

Poppy (4) and Heidi (2) love to watch it with me and more and more I find them making simple comments about how good or bad something looks.  I do get a lot of inspiration from shows like Masterchef.  Maybe its a new cooking technique, a new flavour combination, a different cut of meat or just a simple well known dish done better.  Either way I find myself looking forward to getting the chance to experiment. 

Its great to see past winners (and runners up etc) going on to do well!  Most recently, chefs like Natalie Coleman (2013 winner), Shelina Permalloo (2012 winner), Tim Anderson (2011 winner) and Tim Kinnaird (2010 finalist) have made a real name for themselves in the culinary scene.

So, do you love it or hate it?

Masterchef: Love it or hate it?

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I would love to hear from you what your thoughts are about Masterchef?  Is it the cheesy one liners from Gregg Wallace or the crazy things that some ‘chef’s think are cool e.g. leaving a large ‘branch’ of fresh rosemary on a lamb dish?

Feel free to comment below!

  • Christopher Boyce

    Do you like the buttery biscuit though Geoff?

    • hungrywaffler


  • Mark Dickson

    one of my unfavourite rating of someone’s food is that it has been under/overseasoned. I always feel this depends on the palate of the taster, alhough in amateur cooking this is usually a statement on the salt content, and not an overall seasoning, so perhaps I am speaking out of turn here.

    • hungrywaffler

      I agree with you Mark. Various ‘health freaks’ are telling us not to put salt in our food cos its bad for you! Our body needs a certain amount of salt to function and if we aren’t eating a load of processed foods (which are incidentally loaded with salt) then I think we can afford a bit of salt when cooking. You are right though about the overall flavour. There are more ways to season a dish that just adding a good shake of rubbish table salt. I love Maldon salt (especially the smoked Maldon for seasoning a steak prior to cooking)! Good seasoning is a fine line! We had soup in a cafe a couple of weeks ago and to be honest there was as much seasoning in it as blending a cardboard box with water. The chef obvious hadn’t tasted it at all.