I often get asked questions about the Hungry Waffler!  Nothing too serious, but here goes!

As a passionate foodie, I often come across food related scenarios in my day to day life that I would like to share with others!  So, the Hungry Waffler was born!  Please don’t take it too seriously.  I am not a nutritionist.  I just read a lot about the subject and have learnt bits and pieces as I have went along both from books and from my own experiences.

I love spice!

Good Indian food would have to be a firm favourite.  However I do love a fragrant stir fry with lots of ginger, garlic, lemongrass, chilli, prawns and crunchy veg.

That’s a tricky one.  I suppose I have been ‘blogging’ since I joined Facebook in 2008.  I have always been known for taking a picture of my food and posting it on social networks (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram).

A number of friends had been asking me to start a proper blog!  So the Hungry Waffler was born in 2014.

I’m not one for making excuse, but sometimes its easier to take my iPhone out of my pocket for a quick ‘memory shot’ as opposed to setting everything else up.  Generally speaking, I always regret not setting everything up though.

Also, during the winter, there generally isn’t any daylight when I’m cooking, so an iPhone shot in the kitchen is the best I can do!  Sorry!

What a silly question?

Off course I do.  Thankfully our daughters (Poppy & Heidi) are at an age now where they are happy to join us without the embarrassment of getting a piece of spaghetti on the side of the head 🙂

I can thank my mum and dad for my love of wholesome homemade food.  My mum (and dad) are fantastic home cooks.  It still holds that mums roast chicken dinner is the best in the world.  I kid you not.  It was often said of mum’s gravy, “I could slurp that”!

Regardless of how busy we were as a family, mum always cooked our dinner from scratch. That’s something Caroline and I strive to do for our daughters as much as practically possible.

I have only ever been repulsed at one item of food.

It’s this wee minger!

Century Egg - Hong Kong

The Pickled Duck Egg (“Century Egg“)!  Caroline and I were offered this at a restaurant in Hong Kong a number of years ago and I had to shut down all my senses to allow even one bite to go down!  Not good!

Natural light at a window!  Simples!

I may used small reflectors from time to time.  I shoot with Canon 5D MkIII’s and prime lenses.

When someone says “I don’t like that”, even though they have never tried it. Grrrrr!

Yes. Doesn’t mean to say there are some shoddy images that will appear every now and again. However, where possible and time permitting I want to post beautiful images for you to enjoy.

No. I just love cooking and experimenting with new recipes and ideas.