Chef Focus – Jamie Oliver

There are few chefs that inspire me for reasons other than the fact that they cook amazing food.  However, Jamie Oliver is one chef that never ceases to amaze me for his passion for ‘good food’, especially when it comes to his work with schools.  I just don’t know where he gets the time and energy to do what he does.

As a parent of a child at primary school I can now appreciate the efforts that he puts in to changing  how kids eat in school.  I do have issues with what our kids are being fed in school, but thats for another blog post.

As a chef, restaurateur, media personality and family man he really does have his ‘asbestos’ fingers in a number of pies.  From restaurants and TV shows to cookbooks and magazines, he is probably one of the most recognised chefs in the UK (at least).  The Naked Chef is renowned for his relaxed and fun approach in the kitchen while he concocts some of the most eye catching dishes.

Here’s some of Jamie’s books that I enjoy using:

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